What Are the Top 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2022?

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What are the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world? 

No matter if you’re a well-established YouTuber, a rookie just starting out on the platform, or just curious – there are plenty of reasons for wanting an answer. 

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet, with just shy of 2.6 billion monthly users. Who succeeds on the platform matters, especially as YouTube content is becoming more and more relevant – thanks to younger audiences

For instance, according to a recent survey, YouTube Stars like PewDiePie and Shane Dawson are as popular among members of Gen-Z as more traditional celebrities like Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Zendaya, and LeBron James. 

Taking a look at the most-subscribed channels out there can give you a solid idea about who benefits most from this social trend. 

Plus, YouTubers can find valuable inspiration for their own content by a look at the strategies of the top channels.

So which are the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels? In this article, we’ll tell you! Then, we’ll take a closer look at the 10 most influential players, and the most successful channels run by individual YouTubers rather than brands. 


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The Official List of the 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

And here are the top YouTube channels of 2022! We’ll start with the absolute top 10, then work our way further down the list.

Rank Channel Subs (million) YouTuber Rank Description
1 T-Series 221 Official channel of the Indian record label and movie studio T-Series
2 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes 139 Animated nursery rhymes by US-based company Treasure Studio
3 SET India 138 Sony Entertainment Television in Hindi
4 PewDiePie 111 1 Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg's comedy and gaming channel
5 MrBeast 99.8 2 American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson's channel featuring stunts and tricks
6 Kids Diana Show 98.8 3 Kid-oriented vlogs, reviews, and role-playing content by 8-year-old Ukrainian-American YouTuber Eva Diana Kidisyuk
7 Like Nastya 98.5 4 Stories and role-play for kids by 8-year-old Russian-American YouTuber Anastasia Radzinskaya
8 WWE 89.8 Official channel of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
9 Zee Music Company 86.3 Official channel of Indian music company Zee Music Company (ZMC)
10 Vlad and Niki 84.2 5 Child-oriented vlogs and role-play by 9- and 7-year-old YouTubers Vladislav and Nikita Vashketov

Let’s now move on to the rest of the list. While not quite as impressive as the top 10 most subbed YouTube channels, every one of them still features more than 40 million subscribers!

Rank Channel Subs (million) YouTuber Rank Description
11 5-Minute Crafts 77.1 DIY channel by TheSoul Publishing
12 Blackpink 75.6 Official channel of the South Korean girl group Blackpink
13 Goldmines Telefilms Pvt Ltd 73.1 Official channel of Indian movie company Goldmines Telefilms
14 Sony SAB 70.2 Official channel of the Indian TV channel Sony SAB
15 BANGTANTV 69.7 Official channel of the South Korean boy band BTS
16 Justin Bieber 69.6 Official channel of Canadian singer Justin Bieber
17 HYBE LABELS 67.7 Official channel of the South Korean record label HYBE
18 Canal KondZilla 65.9 Official channel of the Brazilian music video production company KondZilla
19 Zee TV 62.9 Official channel of the Indian TV channel ZEE TV
20 Shemaroo Filmi Gaane 61.1 Official channel of the Indian multi-media entertainment company Shemaroo Entertainment
21 Pinkfong! Kids' Stories & Songs 59.1 Official channel of the South Korean children's songs company (most famous for "Baby Shark")
22 Dude Perfect 58 6 Dude Perfect was launched by five American YouTubers back in 2009 and features trick shots, stunts, and battles
23 Movieclips 57.5 Official channel of Fandango Movieclips which features short sequences from popular movies
24 ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 57.5 Indian network of edutainment YouTube channels for kids
25 Marshmello 55.6 Official channel of American DJ and producer Marshmello (Christopher Comstock)
26 Colors TV 54.8 Official channel of Indian broadcast network Colors TV
27 Wave Music 53.2 Official channel of Indian music company Wave Music
28 EminemMusic 52.9 Official channel of American rapper and record producer Eminem
29 Aaj Tak 52.7 Official channel of Indian news channel Aaj Tak
30 Tips Official 52.5 Official channel of Indian record label Tips Industries Limited
31 Ed Sheeran 52.2 Official channel of English singer Ed Sheeran
32 Sony Music India 52.2 Hindi-language channel of Sony Music
33 T-Series Bhakti Sagar 52.1 Devotional movies division of T-Series
34 Ariana Grande 51.6 Official channel of American singer Ariana Grande
35 El Reino Infantil 51.4 Argentine channel by Leader Music featuring songs for kids
36 LooLoo Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs 49.6 US-based edutainment children's channel
37 YRF 47.4 Official channel of Indian movie production company Yash Raj Films
38 Taylor Swift 47 Official channel of American singer Taylor Swift
39 JuegaGerman 46.1 7 Gameplay channel of Chilean YouTuber Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
40 Billie Eilish 46.1 Official channel of American singer Billie Eilish
41 Badabun 45.6 Official channel of Mexican multimedia company Badabun
42 Infobells - Hindi 45.3 Indian edutainment channel featuring Hindi rhymes
43 Fernanfloo 45.1 8 Comedy and gaming channel of Salvadoran YouTuber Luis Fernando Flores
44 Felipe Neto 44.3 9 Channel of Brazilian-Portuguese YouTuber Rodrigues Vieira, featuring vlogs and comic sketches
45 whinderssonnunes 43.9 10 Comedy channel of Brazilian YouTuber Whindersson Nunes Batista
46 Bright Side 43.8 Channel featuring how-to, history, and trivia content by TheSoul Publishing
47 HolaSoyGerman. 43.3 11 Personal channel of Chilean YouTuber Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
48 Did You know? / Você Sabia? 43.2 12 Channel by Brazilian YouTubers Lukas Marques and Daniel Mologni featuring trivia videos
49 Katy Perry 43.1 Official channel of American singer Katy Perry
50 Bad Bunny 42.2 Official channel of Puerto Rican Rapper Bad Bunny
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What Are the 10 Most Subscribed Channels on YouTube?

As you can see from the list above, the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world are split evenly between brands and individual YouTubers.

Many of the most successful company channels actually serve Indian audiences – such as T-Series, SET India, and Zee Music Company. All of them specialize in movies and music. T-Series even features twice on our Top 50 list – its channel dedicated to devotional movies ranks 33rd! 

Among the 5 non-corporate YouTubers in the overall Top 10 are PewDiePie and MrBeast, as well as three that specialize in children’s content – Kids Diana Show, Like Nastya, and Vlad and Niki.

Interestingly, all these kid’s channels feature children who live in the United States but have Eastern European backgrounds. Diana and her brother Roma, who also frequently appears in videos, were both born in Ukraine. Nastya was born in Russia, as were Vlad and Niki’s parents. 

The popularity of children’s content is also evident from the fact that nine out of the top 50 channels fall into this niche. As a result of this creator economy dynamic, more kids want to be YouTubers these days rather than astronauts!

In fact, the second-most-subscribed channel is Cocomelon, which produces animated nursery rhymes, with 139 million subscribers. This puts it almost 50 million subscribers ahead of the official channel of the WWE, which ranks 8th.

Like Nastya is one of many kid’s channels among the top 50 YouTube channels.

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Who Are the YouTubers With the Most Subscribers?

We’ve already mentioned the insane popularity of children YouTubers like Kids Diana Show. But you won’t be surprised that the two creators with the most subscribers on the platform are PewDiePie (111 million) and MrBeast (99.8 million). 

Also in the list of YouTubers with the most subscribers are the guys from Dude Perfect (58 million). If you want to learn more about how all these creators find their success, check out our article on the strategies of the top YouTubers!

Next comes the gameplay channel JuegaGerman by Chilean YouTuber Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, with 46.1 million subscribers. Aranis also runs a personal channel – HolaSoyGerman. Amazingly, this channel also makes the list of the most-subscribed, ranking 47th with 43.3 million subscribers. 

The remaining YouTubers who feature on the list of the most-subscribed channels also come from Central and South America

Salvadorian YouTuber Luis Fernando Flores can boast 45.1 million subscribers on his comedy and gaming channel. He is followed closely by Rodrigues Vieira (44.3 million) and Whindersson Nunes (43.9 million) as well as Lukas Marques and Daniel Mologni (43.2 million) from Brazil.

Want to see who the 10 most popular Californian YouTubers are? We’ve got you covered!

PewDiePie – the most successful professional YouTuber, though not the richest creator on the platform.


Our list of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels shows a huge diversity of countries and genres

Some of the most successful channels are run by film and music companies, many from India. Almost a fifth of the ranking channels actually focus on kid’s content

Many of the top contenders are actually the official channels of high-profile musicians like Blackpink, BTS, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift. 

Still, professional YouTubers make up a significant portion of the list, with PewDiePie, MrBeast, and DudePerfect taking lucrative top spots.

T-Series, an Indian record label and movie studio, has the most subscribers on YouTube – over 200 million of them. Next up are Cocomelon, SET India, and PewDiePie.

Most of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels are run by music and movie companies. Many of the rest are gaming and comedy channels, and kid’s channels also feature prominently.

Felix Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie, is the single most successful creator on YouTube. There are a handful of bigger channels, but they’re run by studios.

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