The 5 Best Instagram Video Editors

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Instagram Reels is one of the fastest-growing short video platforms out there. In fact, it has boosted Instagram usage by almost 60% year over year since it was launched back in 2020. 

For creators, that means that Reels has massive potential. But, also, that the competition is fierce. 

To stand out, you need instantly captivating, viral-worthy content. The fastest way to get there? Get an Instagram video editor

Professional Instagram video editors know exactly which tricks to pull to make your clips stand out. And to draw in viewers, likes, and comments. Plus, they’re efficient and can guarantee constant content quality. Overall, pro editors help you boost your output and take your Reels to the next level. 

That said, here’s our round-up of the best Instagram video editors


The 5 Best Instagram Video Editors

To start things off, here’s a quick overview of our top contenders. Check out our full reviews below. 


1Tasty Edits$190/video
48h video,
24h short
royalty-free assets, motion graphics, platform reformats, thumbnails, dedicated team
2Motion EditsOn requestVariesLarge range - you name it, they edit it.
3BeCreativesfrom $899/month1–2 daysVertical videos included by default
or from $699/month
2–3 daysUnlimited revisions; subs, captions and thumbnails
5Irisbits$395/month1–2 days/taskMost common video and graphic design services (1 task at a time)
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Topping our list is Tasty Edits, as an all-round video editing service that also has specialized editors for vertical content. Why? It comes down to speed, quality, and pricing 

For Instagram Reels, Tasty Edits guarantees a 24 hour turnaround. That means you’re ready to upload your finished Reel less than a day after you submit it. (Unless you want one of Tasty Edits’ channel managers to do it for you.) 

In terms of quality, Tasty Edits’ team has extensive experience in editing Reels. Royalty-free assets, motion graphics, color correction, and audio enhancements are all included.

As for pricing, it starts at $40 for vertical edits, if you buy in bulk. Just want to give it a whirl? There’s a $50 explorer package. And if you just need one of your existing long-form videos reformatted to an IG Reel, you can get it done for $25. 

Finally, Tasty Edits also stands out through its ease of use. Your entire Reel editing workflow happens through its Video Order Management Application (VOMA), from submitting your Reel order and uploading your footage to giving feedback to your editor and sending payments. 

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Next up in our list of the best Instagram Reels video editors is Motion Edits. This video editing company is known for their wide range. You name it – they edit it. From long-form documentary content to short-form clips like Reels. They even provide some 2D and 3D animation services. 

Two downsides, though. One, delivery times are variable. And two, they don’t have a comprehensive pricing list. To know how much you’d pay to have your Reel edited, you need to reach out in person. 

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Coming in third place is BeCreatives. Unlike other entries on this list, this is a subscription video editing service. That means you pay a flat rate of $899 monthly and can submit as many orders as you like, which your dedicated video editor will work on sequentially. 

One of BeCreatives’ biggest advantages is their extensive vertical editing experience. Instagram Reels, for example, are included even when you order a horizontal long-form edit. 

Turnaround times are fast, at 1–2 business days. 

One downside, though, is that this Instagram video editor is fairly pricey in comparison to other entries on this list. 

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Next up is Visugu, one of the most flexible options on this list. Not only do they edit a huge range of videos – from wedding videos to Instagram Reels, which gives them extensive editing experience across niches. They also offer very adaptable pricing options. 

Project-based pricing starts at $249 per video. Subscription-based options start at $699 per month

One major downside? Turnaround times are way slower than with other Instagram editors on this list, at 5 business days

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Finally, another great choice when it comes to Instagram video editing is Irisbits. They’re a UK-based video editing and graphic design company working on a monthly subscription basis. 

A significant advantage of Irisbits is that they’re also graphic design experts, so if you need any additional flourishes for your Reels or your other Instagram content, you’re in great hands. Plus, turnaround times are fast, at 1–2 business days (though that applies to every single task you submit).

Monthly subscriptions start at $395

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The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an Instagram video editor to take your content to the next level, Tasty Edits is the uncontested #1 choice. 

Lighting-fast turnaround times, unbeatable vertical edits pricing, and a user-friendly, centralized order management platform make Tasty Edits a true stand-out service.


The best video editors for Instagram are Tasty Edits, Motion Edits, BeCreatives, Visugu, and Irisbits. They all have editors on staff who’ve got extensive experience editing clips for social media, especially the ‘gram. 

Overall, the best video editor for Instagram is Tasty Edits. Their video order management application (VOMA) makes submitting and handling orders a breeze, pricing starts at $40, and they guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours or less. 

How much hiring an Instagram editor costs depends on what kinds of clips you need edited. For Reels and other short-form content, you’re looking at around $40 per video. 

Pricing for having an Instagram Reel edited starts at around $40 with most professional video editors. 

Hiring an Instagram video editor is a great idea if you want to increase your content quantity and quality. Outsourcing helps you free up your time for idea generation and filming your footage. Plus, hiring a professional editor will give you amazing end results and a constant editing quality.